QA department.

Geosteel LLC, is equipped with the latest measuring and testing equipment for ensuring stable process control and testing of end product.


Two number of 26 channel ARL3460 spectrometer is attached with this laboratory to ensure uninterrupted analysis report to all processing unit like Electric Arc Furnace, Ladle Refining Furnace, Continuous Casting Unit, Rolling Mill etc.


This laboratory includes the following ….

One 600kN UTE  Computerized Tensile Testing Machine

One 1000kN UTE Computerized Tensile Testing Machine

One semi-automatic bending machine  of 8mm to 40 mm

One stereo zoom microscope attached with optical ring illuminator.

List of measurement and testing involve in this laboratory are as follows

  • Tensile Testing
  • Bend and Rebend Testing
  • Elongation (%Agt  and A5 ) measurement
  • Rib geometry measurement.
  • Relative rib area measurement.
  • Determination of actual cross sectional area.
  • Determination of mass per unit length.
  • Macro graphic examination


This laboratory is equipped with one metallurgical microscope backed up by double disk buffing machine, belt grinder, sub merged abrassive cutter etc. The objective of this laboratory is to ensure uniform metallurgical structure in our product and evaluate cleanliness of steel.